• In the case of neuromodulation NETCULATOR uses text based data of 14,592 of scientifically relevant publications and patents worldwide – published in the last 10 years – and compiles, clusters and organizes it in order to provide intelligent information. By understanding this data you can streamline and align your company investments in order to be more effective.


  • Netculator will organize the data into different groups. Each colored cluster represents a single article or patent. The distance between the dots represents their similarity to each other
  • This allows to see how the entire ecosystem around neuromodulation and how it is connected to each other
  • From high-level research fronts, it is very easy to identify the important emerging topics. In our case 18 research fronts have been identified and the customer has chosen to further test 5 of them.


Flexible Chart Views

  • NETCULATOR provides various different charts, which allow a quick overview on the structure of a topic in regard to the key organizations, the major scientific disciplines involved or the most important experts. This helps to identify, the competitions position in a given field as well find partners for cooperation.
  • Netculator includes a variety of different out-of-the-box views, which allow a quick and easy overview of the results

Regional View

  • Where are the topics mentioned mostly?
  • Represents  the importance of a specific topic and quickly allows to see, where it has gained most importance.

Competitor Monitoring

  • NETCULATOR finds all articles and patents – which were either published or funded by a given number of companies and organizations – and groups them into the respective technology fields.
  • This highlights a competitor’s R&D strategy and allows for early recognition of key turning points in the same.
  • The example on the right reflects articles or patents published by the telecommunications corporation Orange.

Partner Monitoring

  • Each dot represents a publishing organization.
  • The closeness of two dots represents that the organizations have together published an article or patent in the past.
  • NETCULATOR highlights the important strategic partnerships and reveals partners for cooperation.

Flowchart View

  • The Flowchart View provides a representation of important topics and shows how they have developed over time and will give an indication on the maturity, also highlighting emerging and converging technologies.
  • By finding out whether a topic is gaining importance or becoming less important, you will be sure to focus only on the most significant topics.

Detailed View

  • The Drill-Down feature allows to quickly assess each node, and examine the details of the publication for further reference