Netculator is a ‘BIG DATA’ solution, based on specialized prescriptive and predictive algorithms. It can process a variety of data types from all kinds of different data sources. The data can does not need to have specific format, it can appear in different forms, structured, semi-structured and unstructured. Based on lexical and bibliometric measurements, the Netculator algorithms mathematically calculates and highlights heat maps and timelines on specified topics. This can provide insights on relevant research topics around different fields such as innovations, technologies and much more.

Netculator processes data from different sources, which are all continuously updated. Therewith, access to the most relevant scientific and patent databases is granted.

Benefits for you and your company

  • State of the art technology: Netculator solution uses both lexical and bibliometric measurement models and offers a wide variety of different built-in presentation possibilities.
  • Out of the box solution: Our offering includes all licenses and required access keys.
  • Smart business model: The analysis focuses on results and provides different levels of accuracy.