Netculator can support your company in generating innovative ideas and approaches in various different areas. The Netculator approach currently provides six major solution areas, which can all help to support companies on different levels to reach their goals. Companies can get support in identifying potential future game changers, new innovation and technology fields as well as new start-ups in defined area. Furthermore, the Netculator offering can identify potential talents/ experts or future partners/suppliers, all in an objective approach. For companies searching for M&A-targets, Netculator can support by generating qualified long-lists of M&A-targets in defined fields of interest.

Get insight on the latest game changing technologies and ideas, always at the earliest stage.

The sophisticated Big Data analytics algorithm will

  • Identify game changing results within a wide variety of networks of publications, patents, experts, research institutes and companies.
  • Identify new and disruptive technologies within your industry
  • Find out which scientists are leading within specified technology fields.
  • Detect game changing ideas and concepts just when they emerge

Find most promising innovations and technologies. Objective and very efficient.

The Netculator can help to

  • Identify new technology and innovation fields by analyzing thousands of scientific publications and patents within your industry.
  • Prioritize new hot topics within your industry – mathematically calculated based on different indicators, which can help you to identify the most relevant technology and innovation trends.
  • Find out which technologies areas might turn into successful products and services.
  • Get an insight about which new approaches and ideas for products and services are being discussed within your industry.

For Startup enterprises, Netculator can help to boost the development and to optimize time to market:

  • Apply findings and new insights derived from Big Data Analytics into your developments
  • Include the latest results of scientific research and get access to relevant experts, research institutes and companies of your new business ideas
  • Identify additional fields of product and service innovations, complementary assets as well as new technologies
  • Leverage your capabilities and identify new fields of applications in new markets.
  • Convince your investors by developing a compelling product & service roadmap

Capture the most experienced and skilled researchers for your projects. Most of experts and talents, which might be suitable for your R&D projects and innovation activities, are difficult to find within the wide scientific community. With usage of the Netculator you can

  • Identify the experts who really fit to your requirements and have the required set of skills and experiences.
  • Get in touch which experts, who might help with specific questions regarding projects and challenges.
  • Netculator will point out all the opinion leaders within the center of scientific communities.
Get the most innovative and experienced companies to work within your projects. By using the Netculator a large set of institutions, research organizations and companies within your area can be evaluated quantitatively:

  • Identify which institutions might be most suitable as partners or suppliers for your company.
  • Find suitable partners for your projects. The Netculator solution will point out, which institutions are most active and productive in the scientific area
  • Determine the research power and innovation maturity of your suppliers.
Find the most attractive M&A-targets and objectify your technical due diligence. Complement your M&A transaction services with leading edge Big Data insights:

  • Benefit of scientific results based on the structured analysis of extensive networks of publication, research institutes, and companies.
  • Identify and evaluate which companies in your industry might be promising targets to provide complementary value for your business.
  • Apply Big Data Analysis to complement your technical due diligence. Assess latest technologies and evaluate early emerging indicators on innovation trends based on Netculator findings.