Your leading scout for new businesses – in markets, products, technology and innovation.

Companies need to innovate their business. Our big data analytics solution scouts for early game changers, most promising technology and innovation fields, accelerates startups, identifies promising partners or suppliers, and supports M&A transactions.

Netculate your business with our quantitative, objective, and revolutionary solution to achieve competitive advantage.


Catch the latest game changing technologies and ideas at the earliest stage.

Innovation- and Technology

Find most promising innovations and technologies in an objective and efficient way.

Start-Ups & Venture Cap.

Accelerate the development of your product & service portfolio and speed up time to market.

Talents and Experts

Capture the most experienced and skilled researchers for your projects.

Partners & Suppliers

Get the most innovative and experienced companies to work within your projects.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Find the most attractive M&A-targets and objectify your technical due diligence.